By now you’ve heard us talk about the incredible results we’ve seen with CoolSculpting® (as well as busting common myths), but I haven’t talked to you about its cool little sister: CoolMini.

The CoolMini gets those little hard to tackle areas you thought you’d never be able to treat: the jawline (we also love BELKYRA™ for this), knee and bra fat.

Here’s how the CoolMini works:

The CoolMini is a smaller applicator that is constructed to address smaller areas of fatty deposits. It works the same way that the other CoolSculpting applicators do. We can think of the fat cell as a balloon that is filled with fluid. When the balloon exterior is frozen, the balloon pops and the fluid is released. Over time, the fluid is engulfed and carried out through the body’s normal processes (4 to 12 weeks to be precise).

It’s a simple process, and most importantly, a safe and effective one. The process is completely external. There are no incisions or injections and little to no downtime. Minor swelling and bruising may occur, but generally you can go about your regular routine without interruption. And the procedure takes 45 minutes to complete.

Depending on the the deposition of the fatty tissue, some patients require 2 applicators to cover the area, and some patients will require a second treatment to attain the outcome that they desire.

If we treat the double chin, patients may find that they have a more defined jawline and an improved profile. Bra fat, that annoying bulge that appears between your upper arm and your bra strap, can also be treated to create a more pleasing effect in clothing. And we can treat the knee area, depending on how the fatty tissue is deposited.

Project Skin MD, Vancouver, CoolMini

Project Skin MD’s Jeannie recently tried it for her stubborn underarm fat. Even though this goddess is great with working out and eating well, she always struggled with this area. She found the process very comfortable and has seen awesome results! She’s been wearing sleeveless tops and dresses with confidence.

Project Skin MD, Vancouver, CoolMini

We see all our patients in consultation to assess suitability, and to discuss possible outcomes. The cool mini has become part of our overall aesthetic treatment for the face. It’s a great adjunct to existing facial treatments, or a stand alone treatment.

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