At Project Skin we are firm believers in glowing from the outside in. While great skin is our mission, we know that true beauty starts with love, kindness, and health.

Here are this year’s resolutions for your skin, but also for within, for a radiant 2018!

1. Re-apply sunscreen midday and play outside.

Hopefully by now you’re getting better at applying your sunscreen in the morning (easy to do when Physical Fusion SPF 50 goes on so beautifully), but you might be forgetting to touch up midday. Sunscreen should be reapplied often, especially if you’re sweating or out in the sun. Keep a bottle handy in your purse, or make it even easier to re-apply with Coloresicence’s Sunforgettable® Brush-on Sunscreen SPF 50.

To get your inside glowing, embrace the great outdoors! Vancouver has one of the most beautiful backyards in the world. Once you’ve got your SPF on, and maybe a hat, take to the beach, the mountains, or the trails for some soul food. It’s been proven that spending time outdoors can help boost immunity and mood and reduce stress!

Project Skin MD, skin resolutions

2. Wash your makeup brushes and avoid gossip.

You wash your face day and night, but do you wash your makeup brushes? Brushes collect a lot of build up and should be washed weekly. Brush cleaners like Colorescience Brush Cleaner make it a quick and easy process. Makeup sponges can be cleaned in the sink with a cleanser like SkinCeuticals Simply Clean and water.

For your inside glow, keep your conversations clean of gossip. Choose openness, kindness and communication and see how much better you feel!

Project Skin MD, skin resolutions

3. Go mineral and eat local.

Switching over to mineral makeup can be a game changer for your skin. Conventional makeup contains chemicals, perfumes, oils and other additives that can either irritate sensitive skin or cause unnecessary breakouts and even disrupt hormones. Mineral foundation offers many benefits like additional sun protection and being non-occlusive, allowing skin to breathe better than traditional foundations. At Project Skin MD we have tested various brands and our proud to carry Colorescience Pro and Glo Skin Beauty for flawless coverage.

Eating local is a great way to glow in your heart and body. Not only do you support local business – you are eating fresher, seasonal food with more nutritional value!

Project Skin MD, skin resolutions

4. Clarisonic and meditate every day.

We know how easy it is to go to bed without a fully cleaning your face, but the moment you start using your Clarisonic night and day, you’ll see the difference. The penetration of key active skincare ingredients is also improved by more than 60%, meaning you’ll get that much more out of your skincare routine. Don’t forget to change your brush every 3 months!

To cleanse your mind, try meditating. Meditation is proven to reduce stress, improve concentration, immunity and more. With meditation apps available it’s easier than ever to take a moment in the day to reboot.

5. Schedule regular facials and time for those you love.

Keep your skin in its best shape yet by scheduling regular facials – at least every two months. Not only will this give you a deep exfoliation, it also allows one of our aestheticians to evaluate your skin and guide you through any changes you might be going through.

Even more important: schedule time for those you love. It’s easy to get lost in our busy schedules, but date nights with your special someone as well as your besties is pure soul food.

Project Skin MD, skin resolutions

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a glowing 2018!

Project Skin MD, skin resolutions

Visit us in the new year!

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